12 tracks, 1 weekend!

What an incredible weekend this has been.  We've had two days of successful recording for two different projects. 

One project is an audition recording that Jim and I did with Jim's cousin Bob for a project that we may have the opportunity to do.  Can I be any more ambiguous?  Anyway, I don't know for sure if I will get this job, so I don't want to give details.  Regardless of the outcome, I had so much fun recording the vocals in Dublin yesterday.

Today was another awesome day of recording with "Light"... we completed six tracks that now only need to be tweeked, mixed down and mastered!  On top of that we found a name that four of us really like.... "Light" is a great name, but none of us were really sold on it.  Stay tuned for more info on that subject.  The name that we all seem to like is "Open Door" and whether or not we go with this name, I was inspired by the idea for a song (which is listed under poise.).... It is my folkiest piece ever and I love that I can actually play and sing this piece on the guitar pretty succesfully.  

I feel so blessed.

Sometimes God doesn't need to leave the window open, if the door is already ajar....

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