3-d baby

I have severely ignored my blog and my web-site over the past six months, but for good reason! Jameson (yes, it's a boy) is now officially full term and I have 19 days until my scheduled c-section. It seems like I have been pregnant forever at this point so 19 days still seems too far away, and yet too close at the very same time.

A few weeks ago one of my students kindly offered to allow me to use her 3-d Ultra sound facility to view Jameson. The results are incredible, so I should show you the photos from the visit. If you are interested in viewing 3-d ultra sounds of your little one please do visit one of the www.3dbabyvu.com locations around the Bay Area. It was such an incredible experience to see Jameson in real time, moving, gesticulating, and clowning around.

Here are my favorite photos:

Everyone says that Jameson looks like Jim.  Ok, women say that he looks like Jim.  In fact, It think there is a specific gene that only women have that enables them to interpret ultra-sounds because most men don't see anything resembling a human being. 

The past six months have been a whirlwind and a miracle.  I have focused on keeping healthy (since I have had migraines like I have never had before) and on serving as a worship leader at my church during an interim period www.creeksidechurch.com.  It has been a journey of faith since the doctors who performed my spinal fusion predicted that I would spend the last three months of my pregnancy (May, June & July) in bed.  Luckily, God has sustained me and made is possible for me to lead worship every weekend since February at either Creekside or www.crosswalkchurch.com  in Sunnyvale. 

It has been amazing to find that God has truly equipped me to lead a team of musicians and a congregation into worship.  I have found it to be very humbling because I know it is not I singing, playing and leading.  I know that I have finally found surrender.  Although I find I need to continue that surrender every day in order to find true worship, God has showed me His will for me. 

Music will always be a source of worship for me, but now I begin a new chapter where I will continue to worship in a new way.  In 19 days not only will Jameson be born, but a mother will also be born.  In motherhood, I am sure I will find all new ways to surrender, be broken, creative and find worship through it all.  How can I keep from singing?


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