A Legit Shadow

Rain, wind, hail, thunder, lightening, snow and fog have all been in our Shanghai weather forecast, but the sun has been more scarce than a an authentic leather bag at the Museum of Science and Technology. When we do have a nice day (nice meaning above 60 degrees and not raining) we seize every ray of sunshine we may find.

Jameson and I spent the day with friends in Century Park on Friday and discovered just how fun it was to rent a “pedal car” (or “Wacker” as it is written on their sign.) We piled three kids and two adults plus our belongings onto this rickety little contraption and went for a ride. As we started down a hill, I finally thought to ask if we had any brakes, luckily we did and they actually worked. We then went on four different amusement park rides that were only 5 RMB each (less than $1). This was Jamesons first time on “kiddy rides” and he loved the roller coaster. I told him to put his arms up and say “Wooooo” as we went down the hill and he did. It was so cute.

Jameson is testing the brakes to make sure they work... this is China

On Saturday, Jim was happy to report that there was a “legit shadow” being cast on the ground so we knew it was another outdoor day. Since Jameson and I had so much fun on Friday we decided to rent another pedal car at the park after the gentlemen both had their hair cut. Jameson sang the whole time he was on the pedal car, so we became quite the attraction in the park. Everyone wanted a picture of the white family in a “wacker.” After the park we then walked to the Museum of Science and Technology where we bartered for a pair of sunglasses for Jim.

I forgot to take a photo of the S & T shopping area that is underground, but it is a maze of vendors who sell everything from software, toys, clothes, bags and sunglasses (none of them authentic). They start the price 85% higher than what the item is actually worth. It is fun to barter, but you have to be in the mood for the constant heckling i.e. “hello, hello, hello, ladies bag, hello pretty lady, you lika a watcha, hello, hello?”

Sunday we tried AGIF Church is in Jin Qiao, www.agifpudong.org. We love our church in Hong Qiao, but the commute took anywhere from 1-1½ hours each way. The new church is only 2 KM away and we hope to make it our new home church. It is still quite amazing for us to see churches that are standing room only. I love hearing the congregation sing louder than an already loud worship band. This inspires me, as I do not need to worry about singing too loudly!

This weekend we are off to Hong Kong to reset our visas. Jim has Monday and Tuesday off so our trip will be a much-needed mini-vacation for Jim. I should have lots of photos for you next week and hopefully we will see many legit shadows on our trip!

P.S. Please pray that Jameson and I will be able to get a 60-day visa, as we currently only have 30 day visas which means we have to leave the country every 30 days to reset the visa. It is becoming more and more difficult to get receive 60-day-visas due to Expo 2010, which begins in May.

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