A wittle tiwd

I'm just a wee bit tired, but for a good reason.  This week has been busy with two rehearsals in the evenings and a gig last night as well as a gig tomorrow.  

Yey!  Last night was an incredible experience, in spite of the stress of setting up sound in the nick of time our little band pulled everything off and was even able to really worship!  The audience at Three Cities Assemblies of God in Burlingame was fantastic.  It is so obvious to me that their congregation knows how to worship.  God is so good!

Here's a little shopped out photo of last night's concert. 

Hopefully I will have more photos from the Stanford gig tomorrow and soon we will have a demo for "Light".  I cannot believe how quickly everything is moving along.

I'm vewy sweepy!

Bonne Reve!


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