Again, with the rambling...

Yey!  I wrote my first Bossa Nova piece.  It's light-hearted and fun... think Karryn Allison meets Bebel Gilberto in a coffee shop in San Francisco.

The lyrics for "Return to Life" are on your right under "Poise"...  Maybe I should translate the word life.  I wonder what it is in Portuguese.  Did I mention that I love ?  They send me a new vocab word every day and there is this sweet page that will translate almost any language you desire... to and from English.

I'm rambling.  I have so much work to do on this Bossa Nova rhythm if I am to sing and play it well.  Jim showed me a few tips and they might actually work on these whimpy little guitar-fingers of mine.

Ok, rambling here...

"retorne à vida" means return to life.  I think I might change my song a bit... Yey!  I need my friend Cristina to help me with pronunciation.

I'd better ask her soon before Jr. comes.  She is getting soooo cute with her little baby tummy!

again, with the rambling.

Life is good and so is God.


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