Baby Michael

My dear friend Cris just had her baby two weeks ago!  We have all be impatiently waiting for his arrival.  Now he is finally here in all of his new-baby splendor.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of "helping" Cris out with the baby while she took a nap. Of course Mike is a perfect angel and smells of Jasmine on a summer morning.

I was so inspired just by feeding him a little lunch and watching him gurgle and growl himself to sleep (he is definitely a boy), that I wrote a little poem about the sleepless smile that both he and his mother greeted me with.   Look down to your right for the poem called "Sleepless Smile."

I can only hope to have the opportunity to "help" Cris again in the future!

Aren't they gorgeous? I don't think it should be legal to look this beautiful after 15 hours of labor!

God is so gracious.


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