Celebrating Life

Last week was an amazing example of just how lovely life can be. On Tuesday, my friend Marisela drove me to pick up second-hand changing table and dresser for Giselle’s things before taking me to my doctor’s appointment at Shanghai United. If that doesn’t sounds like a huge answer to prayer, imagine me trying to load up two pieces of furniture into a taxi, then taking them for a one-hour tour of Shanghai to visit my doctor, then driving them home to Pudong and getting them into my apartment!

On Thursday, my friend Melissa had an Easter egg dying party.
As you can tell, this was Jameson’s first time dying Easter eggs…

Tia Carolina and Abby made the most beautiful eggs
while Alex and Jameson made a beautiful mess

Next, On Friday, my dear friend Karen gathered my friends Melissa, Stacy and Carol for a birthday/baby celebration. I have never felt so spoiled by such amazing friends! Melissa and Carol went to the Amokka Cafe in Puxi to decorate, while Karen brought Stacy and I. My friends showered me with balloons, fresh flowers, a yummy cake and gorgeous gifts for Giselle; not to mention an awesome time with just the girls as we all had babysitters!

I only have one photo with Karen... how did that happen?
Carolina, I, Melissa, Karen and Stacy pose at the fabulous Amokka cafe

Giselle is a lucky young lady with so many gorgeous gifts
and even more importantly, so many people who love her

Then on Saturday, my friend Marisela gathered my dear friends from AGIF for yet another celebration of Giselle’s life. I am honored to be blessed by so many after only being in Shanghai for one year.

Nearly everyone had a pacifier, except for the gorgeous baby!

On Easter morning we celebrated with a few beautiful gifts my sweet seester sent from home

Even Giselle had an Easter gift... her first pink slippers!

What 2-and-a-half-year-old boy would not want a space shuttle for Easter?
Thanks McKinnon and Monet!

Finally, on Sunday, we celebrated life and Easter with eggs, chicks and baby bunnies,
at the Parkyard Hotel with many of our friends from AGIF and Jim’s work as well!

Chicks and geese and ducks better scurry!

Jameson was surprisingly gentle with the baby chicks
I think he is ready to hold his baby sister in a few weeks!

I know, I know, enough with the baby chicks!

Hunting for Easter eggs with your best friend is always fun...

… until you discover a fountain!

Carol, Melissa, Nilusha and I.... but where are Jodie and Amy?
I should have kidnapped them for this photo!

Lenny, Jim and Eric have worked 6 days a week for more than a year...
This job is almost finished, right?  7/11/2011 ???

The Martinez family have been great friends to us in China
It is hard to believe that our time here might be coming to an end...

I still cannot grasp how we will be expanding to a family of four in three weeks,
especially while living in China!

The last exciting thing we have to celebrate in our lives is that we are moving home, or at least we are moving Stateside! Jim was offered a position at the San Diego office starting in July. Jim is ecstatic about the location, whereas I am a little apprehensive about moving with a 2-month old baby. But, I am sure God’s timing is perfect!

Speaking of timing, my mother will be here in two weeks from Friday and Giselle will be here in three weeks from Friday. Time is rushing past in spite of the fact that I am in slow motion this week from a flu bug both Jameson and I are fighting. Please pray for health for our family, a complication-free c-section, a healthy baby Giselle, and a smooth transition to San Diego!

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