We are very close to having our first new track ready to put on the site. It has been such a joy to get creative in the studio again. Just today, we put some finishing touches on the percussion as David rocked out on our new Djembe; we also added a singing wineglass to the mix. Nothing is out of the creative realm.

Also, we are so pleased to invite Jay to be our new bass player. He showed up last Saturday for an audition/rehearsal with his six-string fretless bass, and gave us a good sampling of his talent. We were so happy to have him join us last Sunday as we lead worship at Hillside Alliance Church in Hayward, and we were even more elated to find out that he wants to join our little band.

By next week, we hope to have Jay lay down a fabulous bass line so that Jim can get to work mixing down the track. We are just one track closer to having an album. Ironically, the first song is called "Closer".

God bless,

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