Phew!  I just did some major updating that reeeeeally needed to be done on the site.  Now I finally have a store where I can sell ~~Open Door~~s demo along with Loti: Shattered Boxes.  Click here to check out the store.

I even have plans for selling ~~Open Door~~ T-shirts that I've made.  So far I've only made five, but I'm getting faster and they are actually pretty cute.  It's all about the right fitting t-shirt!

What's new... well, I'm finally over the cold/flu whatever I had for a week or so and now poor Jim is getting sick.  Still, God has blessed me so that I haven't had to miss any gigs.  Yey God!

Gosh, this weekend I plan to organize the studio, take band photos and finally have some new photos for you to see!

David and Andrew are working their tails off getting us booked, and I can hardly believe how busy we are.  Now, it's my turn to high tail it as I duplcate demos, print t-shirts, write press releases, and update the site... Oh and I have a new worship song.  Fingerpicking is my only hint.

Yep, my playing is getting much better.

God bless and good night


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