July 28th, 6lbs 5 ounces!

Yes, it has already been nearly two months since Mr. Jameson broke into this crazy world of ours.  He is our delight and our joy.  The sleepless nights and soporific days are completely worth it in every way.  Jameson was alert and very vocal from day one.  The nurses called him "bright eyes" and a "little peanut" (they also said he was so loud in the delivery room that he must be a singer.)  But our singing little peanut is not so little any more.  On Thursday I will find out exactly what he weighs, but it feels like he is now a 12 pound baby!  Woohoo!

Jameson loves to coo, listen to music, drink milk, fill his shorts, sleep in the sweetest positions, look adorable and pet his puppy Lady!  We love to be a part of his life!  He already loves to listen to me practice so I am relieved to know that music will continue to be a part of our lives!

He also is a famous little guy.  His 3-d ultra sound photos were apparently some of the best around.  You can see him at www.3dbabyvu.com.  You can also see many photos of our favorite pumpkin at www.flickr.com/photos/lorireneedevey 

Here are two of my favorites!

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