New Edition

It's been nearly two months since my last entry, so perhaps it's obvious that life has been busy.  So I shall try to keep things short and sweet.  Here are a few exciting things that have happened in the past few months.

First, in February I made my guitar debut at an Open Door concert in Castro Valley.  I've been working toward this goal for a while as a song-writer and have been writing songs on guitar for almost a year.  After taking a few guitar lessons, I decided it was time to try out my skills while singing an original.  Although I have so much to improve upon, my debut was well received and without error (since I kept my playing quite simple).  I loved not having a giant keyboard or piano between me and the audience while singing--I felt much more connected to people and even to the band.

Second, we got a dog!  Now you know why life is so busy.  Since I lost my camera, I haven't been able to take photos of Lady.  But, here's an update on our new edition to the family:

Lady is:
part Sheltie
part Australian Sheepdog
Black and brown
3 years old
Completely adorable

Lady loves:
, almost as much as we love her
Tummy Scratches
Going for walks in the city 
Taking hikes in the park
Barking at the Mail-man
Sitting on the "Love Chair" to get attention
Drinking out the toilet
Stalking Squirrels

now you can see why life is so busy :)

Lastly, after spending several months of doing concerts and leading worship every week we are finally getting back in he studio to record 15 new original songs!

Ok, that's all for now!  Life is good and God's provision is perfect.  I'll explain later :)

God bless,

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