I have lots of photos and not a lot of time this week, so this blog might be more appropriately named a photo-log, (phlog?).

On Saturday we visited the Pearl Tower with Daddy then celebrated my birthday at a Thai restaurant right here in Thumb Plaza.

On Easter Sunday Jameson discovered that “Yes Virginia, there is an Easter Bunny” and he visited Shanghai via the Grandma and Auntie Char Express.

 Jameson loved the bus, balloons, toys and the “Monneee” (A.K.A. “monkey”) which he received for Easter.

Thanks Easter Bunny!

We then had breakfast at our favorite Greek restaurant before going to church in Hong Qiao. I know Greek may not sound very “breakfasty”, but they have amazing pancakes served with Greek honey. Yummy!

After church we stopped by the Museum of Science and Technology which is also our closest Metro station. We did not have time to tour the museum as it was already passed naptime, but Jameson loved running around the fountains.


I was sick with the flu on my birthday, which was Monday. Luckily I had our Ayi here to care for Jameson while I stayed and bed to get well, all of you parents know what a blessing that is.

Yesterday Jameson and I went to the Shanghai World Financial Center Tower and had lunch there with our friends Carol and Melissa and Melissa’s two children. We had a fabulous time and I’ll post photos as soon as I can from that outing!

All in all, we’ve had a lovely Easter and birthday week and I am not half as home sick as I thought I would be. Cherry Pie still sounds quite fabulous, but I am blessed to have family back in the States who kindly sent love and gifts and new friends in Shanghai to celebrate with me!

Much love to you all!

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