Silly Musings

It's already 2007 and I'm not depressed.  You gotta love this warm Bay Area weather.  Usually after the amazing rush of Christmas gigs, parties and time with family that by January, I'm a weeetle sad.  But, there is no time to be sad, and many gigs to prepare for :)

So, let's see, it's been over a month since my last blog.  Baaaad artist!  Anyway, I don't yet have any new photos to put up.  Oh, wait, I have one on my phone.  It's a picture of Jim and I in front of a gingerbread "Smith Tower" in Seattle.  
It's a long story, but a family joke.  I toooootally look like a chipmonk!

Oh, and I have a photo of two of our Nieces, Kristin and Lauren.  They've grown up sooooooo much.  I'll upload those in a bit!  

Anyway... Open Door has much to look forward to and so do I with my new piano and my studio all set up for teaching (so much better than our tiny space in the W.C.)

Ok, that's all for now.  I promise to write more often.... sorry to whomever actually reads these silly musings :)


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