Skywalker Ranch!

Last week I had the opportunity to record scratch vocals for a project at one of the best studios on the West Coast! I got to spend three days recording on a project called Jazzy Baby at George Lucas' studio called Skysound

Check out the site and the system they use. It's pretty sweet! Although they are using a Grammy winning vocalist for the final project, I was able to help out with Scratch and hang out with some very talented musicians!

While I was there I took a few pictures that I will share with you in a few days, but I've been so busy, I thought I should just get my thoughts out!

Right now, Open Door is searching for a backup vocalist since we are starting to schedule more events. I'm very excited to see where God will lead us and how He will use us.

This past week was a bit of a roller coaster because the previous week I had two gigs with a fabulous new pianist, but I was also working on the Skysound project. I'm pretty tired this week, but it was worth it!

Have a blessed week!


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  • Lynn
    So, when does the CD come out?:love:

    So, when does the CD come out?love

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