Thumb Plaza

We just had our Internet installed in our apartment so I am finally able to resume blogging. I am sorry for the delay, but as we are learning in China, everything takes longer than anticipated.

Our apartmnent is situated cattycorner to Thumb Plaza where this photo was taken.  I’ll tell you more about our location at a later time. This first week has not been easy especially with a jet-lagged 18-month-old. But we are adapting to our new home and even enjoying living here.

I am slowly familiarizing myself with our district of Pudong, Shanghai. Jameson is a celebrity everywhere we go. Everyone wants to touch him, talk to him and ask me his age. This gives me a chance to meet people and try out my small Mandarin vocabulary.

T.S. Elliot once said “The First condition of understanding a foreign city is to smell it”. We are certainly acquainted with the smell of Shanghai. Our apartment smells of garlic and onions, but once I started cooking and lit a candle every morning, it is no longer apparent. But, I can hardly say that I quite understand this city, not yet.

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