Très belles

Yikes!  It's been over a week since I returned home and I'm just now sorting through my photos.  

How cute are my niece and Nephew?  I know they are the cutest on Earth, and to them I am their favorite Aunt Lori : )  McKinnon is Four and can already read like a Kindergartener.  Monet is two and this adorable little twirling Princess is just as fun as she looks.  She also knows her ABC's and can count to 20.... yes that's right.  I'm impressed and quite enamored with these two.

No rest for Luna!  She will always look after her herd.... 

There is no camera fast enough for this Twirler!

Ok, ok, I know they aren't my kids, but since I don't yet have children it feels they are.

While camping at House Rock, Oregon; Grandpa Kelley, McKinnon and I took a fun rafting trip. Well maybe it was a streaming trip. Here we are hailing the boat!

Another highlight of the trip was reconnecting with My Friend.  My Friend was not just a friend but, "My Friend".  We were inseperable in college.  We shared a house, an office, most of our classes and even auditioned in New York and Boston together for Grad School.  My Friend,  Michelle is my soul mate and I finally got to see her beautiful face and hear her angelic voice again.  


Yey!  Les Mademoiselles sont très belles!


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