Baby Michael

My dear friend Cris just had her baby two weeks ago!  We have all be impatiently waiting for his arrival.  Now he is finally here in all of his new-baby splendor.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of "helping" Cris out…


It's official.  After three practices, our band has finally booked a gig and is now rehearsing for it.  I'm so excited to be writing music for a live band and I love the opportunity to work with these three talented…

Rocky Road?

I've hit a few bumps in the road this week... litterally (ok, now I know some of you are laughing but all is well.)  "This too shall pass" has definately been my theme for the week.

After receiving the "Shattered…


New Vision

I just had an amazing rehearsal with a new band in San Bruno... ooo la la.. I can't think of San Bruno without saying "ooooo, la la" thanks to my French teacher at the SF Conservatory of Music.

Anyway, the…


Again, with the rambling...

Yey!  I wrote my first Bossa Nova piece.  It's light-hearted and fun... think Karryn Allison meets Bebel Gilberto in a coffee shop in San Francisco.

The lyrics for "Return to Life" are on your right under "Poise"...  Maybe I should…

Mere Christianity

I can't tell you how C.S. Lewis' book "Mere Christianity" has changed my life.  For some odd reason, I had never read it until my seeester bought a copy for me and said I had to read it.  What a…


Callused Dishwashing Hands

He's so faithful! Playing the guitar is something every songwriter should have within his or her grasp, so this has been my focus for a while now. I finally have a piece that is written for the guitar and easy…


les oiseaux

Not, the Alfred Hitchcock birds, the spring-time-calling-praise-inspiring-birds-of-yore.

Yesterday was an awesome day with friends and family. A six-mile hike in Briones Park was just what I needed to open up my lungs, expand my vision and extend my energy.



Gorgeous Day!

I am so grateful for the sun when it finally returns after a long winter's hibernation!

Thank God for vitamin D.

I enjoyed rehearsing with a new jazz trio in the City this week and we will get together again…

O Pato

The site is coming along and I'm having fun re-visioneering my personal and professional information.

Did I mention that I love that I'm teaching again? I love learning from my students and being challenged to meet their needs. Also, God…



Bonjour Fans, friends and family!
Updating my site has been on my to-do list for quite some time.   So, I'm happy to finally begin this project.  
What's new with me?  I'm auditioning tomorrow with a new Jazz trio that plays…