While growing up in Bothell, Washington, Jim was taken to church by his parents at a very young age, which lead him to accept Christ as his personal savior at a state fair at the tender age of four. Jim grew to love the Lord and to love music while he played the trombone in Junior 
and Senior High School. He went on to study Engineering at the University of Washington while growing closer to God.

It wasn’t until 2001 that Jim picked up a guitar for the first time since childhood. His love for music was reborn and he continued to study guitar, while playing the bass and even do sound engineering at church and at home.  Now Jim adds his edgy effects to both our live performances as well as recording our first album.

Lori was born and raised in Albany, Oregon where her parents taught her to love music as a child. It was at Lori’s mother’s church where she first met the Lord and where she sang her first solo at the age of three. 

This passion for music lead Lori to study opera and piano at Oregon State University and The San Francisco Conservatory of Music where she performed with the OSU Symphony Orchestra and the San Francisco Conservatory Baroque Orchestra.  

Lori has also won various operatic competitions such as the Louis and Violet Lang Opera Competition, the Loan P. Guthrie Music Competition and National Association of Teachers of Singing competition.

Now God has called Lori in a different direction as she began writing her own music in 2001 and continues to write the music for ~~Open Door~~

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Kristopher Duarte grew up racing motorcycles and being the crazy kid who wasn’t afraid to try anything. Through a lot of hard work and struggle Kristopher became a professional motocross racer at age 19. Three months after achieving his life long goal, an injury forced him to stop racing forever. This accident and the journey that followed it helped him believe and trust in God.

Following Kristopher’s accident he had the opportunity to be a Worship Director at his home church in Seattle, WA. Kristopher had a great time doing this and decided to dedicate his life to music and the Lord. Kristopher, who now resides in the town of Los Gatos, California, has become a proficient bass guitarist and singer/songwriter with experience in band management, producing, recording, full-time touring, live performance, and public speaking.

For updates, new material & up-coming shows visit www.kristopherduarte.com 

While growing up in San Mateo, Ca, David met God early in life as his mother was a good influence on him and took him to church. Watching his older brother play the drums as a kid made David want to play, as he wanted to do everything his brother did. With 30 years of experience as a drummer and percussionist, David has played in various bands and in his church, The San Bruno Church of God. 

Currently, David lives in San Mateo with his wife, Christine, and their three children while working for L-3 Communications.

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Kristopher Duarte

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David Padilla 

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