Vocal and Piano Lessons

Discover the voice within you at the 
Devey Music Studio!

Make the most of your 
God-given talent by improving 
Your vocal technique, 
Confidence and stage-presence, 
In a fun and healthy atmosphere.

Training in:
Sightsinging/Solfege Ear-training


At the 
Devey Music Studio 
you will also receive instruction in proper 
diaphragmatic breathing 
using the Bel Canto technique, 
correct posture, diction, vocal flexibility, 
& interpretive phrasing. 


I have 18 years of teaching experience as a vocal instructor and 22 as a piano instructor.  Please click here to view my resume which includes my education, experience and bio.  

Each of my students is taught from a curriculum specifically designed according to his or her particular needs as well as stylistic preferences.
My students mean the world to me and I love to see them grow musically and spiritually.  I do hope you can find time in your busy schedule to practice, expand your repertoire and sing like you never though you could.

Please send me a message (on the upper right of this page) if you are interested in taking voice lessons!


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