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2020 Vision  

We are blessed. In spite of whatever we may have envisioned for this past year, when we weigh the blessings against the curses, we still find ourselves with plenty of everything that matters. This is not a humble-brag, but a coping mechanism! Much has been taken away from us this year, but so much more has been given, and in the end, we are still massively blessed. 

In January, we learned that Jim’s Mom only had a few days to live, so we flew up to Seattle, and spent a few days by her side showering her with love, and receiving much love in return. We were lucky to spend time with Louise and the Devey family before everything shut down, so we count that as a huge blessing. Another blessing is that Jim has worked for SDG&E for an entire year, and is so lucky to have job security and the flexibility to work from home indefinitely. Since Jim gained 9+ hours per week that were usually lost in commute time, he had both time and energy on the weekend to embark on a total home-makeover, COVID edition. We have loved living in our townhouse for the past 7 ½ years, but we are bursting at the seams with everyone working and learning from home. So, we plan to fix up our townhouse and buy a house locally next spring, God willing! Jim has done an incredible job as our general contractor, plumber, painter, and fixer-upper. If you’re going to be stuck at home, we might as well make it a really nice home! Thanks, Jim-dear! 

Jameson was one of two trumpet players chosen from his middle school to play for the CUSD Honor Band Concert at Segerstrom Concert Hall, in Costa Mesa. That February concert was the only live concert he was able to play in all year before lockdowns, so he is so blessed to have had that opportunity. Jameson continues to study Mandarin in the Manadarin Immersion Program and he excels in all of his studies in 7th grade. Jameson is so lucky to be able to continue taking private trumpet lessons from Tim Hall, and also passed the Virtual Level 3 Certificate of Merit piano exam with State Honors. Although they are not allowed to play basketball games, Jameson loves doing basketball training at West Coast Legendary, and has made great improvement in his basketball skills! Jameson also enjoyed playing in a weekly flag football clinic! Our favorite auto-enthusiast managed to teach us all to differentiate between a Lotus, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and McLaren from a pretty great distance, as we love car-watching at Laguna Beach! Above all, Jameson adores building, and sharing his mechanical knowledge, and making us laugh, so he's a pretty great kid to quarantine with!  

After 6 years of training and dreaming, Giselle finally went en pointe in July! Giselle trained at DKCBA since the age of 3, but she has shown great talent and interest in singing and acting as well, so we made the difficult decision to switch her to South Coast Conservatory where I am the musical director. Luckily, Giselle was welcomed with open arms by Miss Maria and Mr. Enton into the Ballet Conservatory and is thriving in both BC3 and my Musical Theater Conservatory classes. We are so blessed to have an in-studio theater at SCC, so that we could present both an Annie and Sound of Music Showcase with our Musical Theater Conservatory students. Giselle also performed in a Filmed version of “Swan Lake” in August, and was in the battle scene and had a solo in the filmed version of “Nutcracker” last weekend at SCC. Swan Lake can be seen here, and Nutcracker and Aladdin, our Winter Festival shows, will be available soon! Giselle also passed her first Certificate of Merit piano exam virtually at the prep level with State honors. Since G is so busy with piano Mandarin, ballet, acting, and musical theater classes, we also chose to begin homeschooling Giselle for 4th grade with the Capo Home and Virtual School program. We appreciate the flexibility homeschooling brings to our schedule, and we love continuing Giselle’s Mandarin studies with her amazing Mandarin tutor, Miss Lani. Giselle is always making us laugh and delighting us with her beautiful creations, piano compositions, and endless silly faces. Once, again, Jim and I could not find a better team to call our quarantine buddies. 

I am a chameleon. This is nothing new for mothers, artists, and teachers, but shifting hats and platforms is our new pedagogical challenge. I sang my last live performance in Laguna Woods on the day Jim’s Mom passed away, then went straight to a Chinese New Year Party at Giselle’s school where I helped with crafts and serving food. Learning to shift through big emotions, or just channeling those emotions to find deeper expression through my craft is my new jam, apparently. Transitioning from live learning to on-line, Zoom, Live-stream, Facetime, and You-Tube learning was not easy, but seeing my students continue to learn and thrive virtually makes all of the technical challenges fade away. Before the shut down, my Mandarin Immersion Ambassadors performed beautifully at the San Clemente Outlets for the Lunar New Year Festival and were featured in the Orange County Register. Giselle sang and danced, while Jameson MC’d the event in Mandarin. I continue to teach my Devey Music Studio students during the week, both live and in person, and 6 of those students took the MTAC Certificate of Merit Virtual Evaluation, and made State Honors! On the weekends, I adore teaching live and virtually at South Coast Conservatory where I am the musical director for an Annie and Sound of Music Showcase. Last weekend we recorded vocals for our Aladdin Winter Festival and soon we get to film Aladdin, socially distanced, of course.  

If nothing else, 2020 has taught us to be grateful for each moment we spend together. Not every moment is bright and Instagram-ready, but we always find light, even in the darkness. 

1st Corinthians 13:12 it says “For now we see in a mirror, darkly, but then face to face. Now I know, in part, but then I shall know just as I also am known.” 

May you be known and loved imperfectly by friends and family on earth (as we are all imperfect), and perfectly loved by our Father in Heaven! Merry Christmas, and Hannukah to all! May 2021 bring new light into your vision as we all continue to change the world by changing our world. 

You are loved!!!!  

Love, The Devey Family!

Photos by the talented: Ulrika Molin with UMoments 
Dedicated to my dear Mother-in-law, Louise Devey 

Celebrating 2019, and 20 Years in California:  

 A few people we hold dear! 


On January 1, 2000, Jim and I rolled out of bed to discover that Y2K had not induced mass world calamity, and that we could indeed move ourselves and our cat, Tosca, to California. Jim had a job as a civil engineer with Cal-trans in the East Bay, and I was accepted into the Masters of opera program at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. We were filled with dreams, anticipation, and plenty of hope. 

Flash forward 20 years and many of those hopes and dreams have been fulfilled, and many have lead us to dreams across the world, that we could have never have imagined. God has been faithful to us in times of sickness, and in health and so has my amazing husband. We now have two incredible children, a community that we love, and friends and family that we hold dear. 

Here are a few people we hold dear this year: 


After four years at his previous engineering job, Jim recently switched companies to begin working with San Diego General Electric. So far, he is enjoying the new challenges, and of course, the opportunity to work from home a few days each week. 

Jim continues to delight us all, as well as Cream Puff the Bunny, with his beautiful guitar playing. In May, Jim purchased, designed, and ran a digital sound-system for the Marian Bergeson VAPA presentation of “Mary Poppins.” He has a natural talent for engineering and sound, so it is always good to see these two gifts married together! In June, Jim planned a trip to Aruba for our entire family. It was such a joy to travel abroad to this tiny country and enjoy island life. We made some beautiful memories and hope to return some day.


As the musical director for the Marian Bergeson VAPA program, I had the pleasure of directing my fourth show, “Mary Poppins.” It was a joy to see how much this program has grown and how each student has learned to sing, dance, and act with such skill. 

In June, I played “Rafiki” in the South Coast Conservatory Festival production of “Lion King.” It was my honor to not only teach these amazing artists, but also sing along with them. The Musical Theater Department at SCC has doubled in size, and I look forward to many more beautiful productions with them. 

The Devey Music Studio is still going strong as my private voice and piano studio. As always, I love preparing my students for our two DMS recitals per year, plus various other recording, theater, and film projects my students participate in. This year, I have 6 students preparing for the Music Teacher’s Association of California Certificate of Merit Program. 

This year our Mandarin Immersion Program began a MIP Ambassador program to encourage our MIP students to perform and have more Chinese cultural experiences. Our Ambassadors are excited to perform at the San Clemente Outlets again on Chinese New Year again. Last year our MIP Ambassadors were featured in the Orange County Register!


In May, Jameson delighted us with his beautiful voice, dancing, and acting as “Neleus” in the VAPA production of “Mary Poppins.” He was also accepted into his first honor ensemble, and played his trumpet with some of the best elementary instrumentalists in his school district. He was so passionate about trumpet that we found an amazing private instructor, Tim Hall, whom he began studying with in June. 

In June, Jameson also graduated from elementary school, and officially became a middle schooler. He loves that the Mandarin Immersion Program that we love so much continues on, and that his kindergarten teacher is now his 6th grade Mandarin instructor. He also adores band, and just played his first winter concert this week. 

His bright and silly personality always shines through whether he is playing volleyball, basketball, piano, or trumpet. Jameson always loves to build, and still lives up to his Chinese name which means “Brilliant Builder.” Jameson lights up every room with his shining humor and clever wit. We love having him as our son!




Who knew that at 7-years old, Giselle could master a posh British accent and master 19 scenes in her first official school musical? Giselle was selected to play “Jane” in the Bergeson VAPA production of “Mary Poppins,” and she absolutely brought the house down. 

In June, Giselle danced in her 6th Spring recital with Dmitri Kulev Classical Ballet Academy. She also just played a party girl and a gingerbread in her 6th Nutcracker this week. Her expression, work ethic, and creativity always light up the stage. 

Both Jameson and Giselle participated in a Peking Opera performance. It was such an interesting experience for them to be totally immersed in the art and culture of Peking Opera. Their performances and interviews were on China News and US China Press and are featured here.  I even had a chance to coach the vocalists, which is always a joy!


As an artist, musician, teacher, composer, follower of Christ, wife, sister, daughter, volunteer, and mother, it is easy to get find yourself overwhelmed and then depressed. I cannot tell you how many friends and family I lean on every day to keep me inspired. Thank you, dear friend, for supporting me as a friend and as an artist. The world needs more song-birds, and I believe God put me on this earth, not just to sing for His glory, but to teach others to do the same. 

Don’t be fooled. OUR LIVES ARE NOT PERFECT! We make daily mistakes, but we are grateful for the Grace of God which saves us, and for the grace of our friends and family! We love you and hold you dear!





“For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith, and this is not from yourselves. It is the Gift of God!” Ephesians 2:8. 

May you hold onto that gift this Christmas and holiday season! 




Photographs are by the legendary, Stephanie Norman of Reflections By Stephanie!

Bringing Harmony in 2018 

“In family life, love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds closer together, and the music that brings harmony.” 
~Eva Burrows 


Jim - As a Civil Engineer, he is our cement expert who keeps us all together not to mention our resident baseball, soccer, and basketball coach. At work Jim is known as Associate Vice President at Prescience Engineers, but we know him as the Daddy, the math tutor, sound engineer, guitar guru, computer genius, and master griller. 

Lori - As a Musician and teacher, I am our resident harmony expert. I adore teaching my Devey Music Studio piano and voice students each week. Last year I joined the Music Teacher’s Association of California and my students can now participate in the Certificate of Merit program each year as they stretch their technique, sight-reading, theory, and performing abilities. I also began teaching a vocal technique class at South Coast Conservatory this year and both directed and performed in their annual holiday showcase called, “The Gift.” I continue to sing with the Orange County Performing group called The Showcase Singers and I directed my third show at Marian Bergeson Elementary School. My “Lullaworld” recording project has turned into a book and I can’t wait to share it with the world! 



Jameson - As both our resident builder and cornet player, he is an expert on building just about anything he can imagine and diverting us with his beautiful cornet and piano playing, not to mention his gorgeous voice! Jameson played the staring role in our production of “The Little Mermaid,” at Marian Bergeson. He was a dashing and debonair Prince Eric who charmed us all with his lilting voice and charming dancing.  Jameson loves to play basketball, draw, soccer, baseball, piano, cornet, and make fart jokes. “The Cheetah,” as his last baseball team called him, had an inguinal hernia which required two surgeries, but that won’t keep him down for long. At 10 years old, Jameson is a 5th grader in our beloved Mandarin Immersion Program. His teacher often tells me how impressed she is by his work ethic, and he was student of the month again in October. We love watching Jameson grow and change the world through his love for Christ and his empathy for people who are hurting. 



Giselle - As our resident performer, soccer player, dancer, and artist, Giselle is an expert at creating alternate worlds in her brilliant imagination. In October, Giselle was interviewed by China Central Television where she introduced herself and told how she loves to write in Chinese because the characters are beautiful. In December, Giselle performed in her 5th Nutcracker with Orange County Ballet Theater. She loved playing a pouty Party Girl, Angel, and Gingerbread. At 7 years old, Giselle is a 2nd grader who was just cast as “Jane” in our Marian Bergeson VAPA production of “Mary Poppins,” and we cannot wait to hear her sing and light up the stage. Like her brother, Giselle has a beautiful love for Christ and for people who are hurting. 

Whether we are engineering, teaching, performing, building, or playing, we hope to always be loving! Our lives are far from perfect, but the love of Christ we share keeps us in perfect harmony! 

Merry Christmas and may God richly bless you in the coming year!





Branching Out in 2017 

“Families are like branches on a tree,
we grow in different directions,
yet our roots remain the same.” 

Our little branches are sprouting up and surprising us daily with their originality, strength, and kindness. 

Jameson is our EIT. He loves to design, build, and dream of becoming a NASA aerospace engineer. Baseball, basketball, music, books, art, and origami, are a few of Jameson’s favorite things. Each morning at 6:30 you will find Jameson “entertaining his brain” at the piano. This year, Jameson played “The Baker” in the school production of “Beauty and the Beast,” and he was recently cast as “Prince Eric” in the 2018 production of “The Little Mermaid.” Jameson won 3rd place in his division for his story called “Leonardo De Hamster” at the Reflections Art Contest at school. Jameson is now in 4th grade at his Mandarin Immersion school, and he is thriving with both his English teacher, Mrs. Welsh, and Mandarin teacher Mrs. Fong who inspire him to learn and to grow.

Our Renaissance Man delights us with his many talents and creative ideas. Not a day goes by without Jameson declaring, “I’ve got an idea!” 


Giselle is our perfomer/teacher. She loves to design, create, and dream of being a Chinese teacher and ballerina. Ballet, art, music, books, and writing Chinese sentences are a few of Giselle’s favorite things. Each morning I brush Giselle’s hair whilst she plays the piano, as she dearly loves to play. This year, Giselle won first place in the Reflections Art Contest at school for the original video she produced called “How to take care of your American Girl Doll.” Giselle is now in 1st grade at her Mandarin Immersion school and she adores her teacher, Ms. Chang!

Giselle sang two solos during our 2017 production of “Beauty and the Beast,” and she is preparing to sing in “The Little Mermaid” in 2018 as well. Dancing in her fourth Nutcracker season was also a highlight of the year. Not a day goes by without hearing “Mom, look what I made,” as she delights us with her creations! 

In January, Jim celebrates his two-year anniversary with PreScience Engineering. As the Associate Vice President, Jim wears many hats and runs various projects around the LA and OC areas. On the weekends, Jim lays tracks for our Lullaworld Album, helps coach Jameson's sports teams, and enjoys spending time with the family. Our children are blessed to call him Dad! 

My private Orange County voice and piano studio will celebrate its three-year anniversary in January. The Devey Music Studio has grown to 25 vocal and piano students who perform in two studio recitals per year. I was the musical director for "Beauty and the Beast" last May and have the honor of directing "The Little Mermaid" in May of 2018.  In October, I began singing with a local Broadway/Opera review company called The Showcase Singers. I also enjoy leading worship monthly with Saddleback Aliso Viejo. It is wonderful to find new ways to develop my gifts. The Lullaworld project was put on hold due to technical difficulties, but we are finally getting back on track. Check back soon for our newest track "Mayim" which will be posted here and on Soundcloud.

"I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing."
John 15:5

I wake every day thanking God for the numerous blessings we have. Having chronic illness helps me remember that I am completely dependent on Christ and that every good and perfect gift is from him. If we are bearing fruit in our lives, then may the glory be to God!

We praise God for our beautiful children who are sprouting up before us and branching out in life!

Our brilliant photographer, Stephanie from Reflections by Stephanie can be contacted here!


When your body feels like a prison 

The answer is gratitude! 

I have a story to share instead of a secret to hide. Most of my life I have spent pretending that I do not have chronic pain and that I am not sick. Sometimes my acting skills are Oscar worthy; yesterday I could no longer act. 

My body demanded rest for weeks, but with performances, a private music studio to run, Christmas, and my family to care for, not to mention my daughter having a five-day high-fever,  I said “no” to my health and “yes” to everything that seemed more important. 

Yesterday, I went to the doctor thinking I had a sinus infection or bronchitis, but it turns out I have pneumonia in spite of having a pneumonia vaccine. Since I have asthma, scoliosis, 14 vertebrae fused in my spine, Herrington rods, chronic migraines, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia, getting pneumonia is a bit complicated. 

I was devastated yesterday. I needed to take a week off from teaching just 13 days before my student recital and 2 days before the first Beauty and the Beast rehearsal.  Anger and fear held onto my heart like blood-sucking leaches. How could God do this to me? I have fought through 2 years of mononucleosis, one of the most painful back surgeries ever invented, and managed to have children in spite of discouragement from my doctors. How could this happen after I had changed my diet, attitude, and lifestyle so much? 

The fact remains that no matter how hard I work on my health or how well I take care of my body, aside from a miracle, I will never be completely healthy. Although, as far as I know, humans have a 100% death rate, so as my body slowly sinks to the grave, I must reach for the heavens. 

But, our culture celebrates healthy people, and why shouldn’t we? Healthy people build more, make more, do more, and become more. Or do they? Although I pray to be healed daily, I understand that I have a dependence on God that most healthy people may never possess. I must depend on and therefore give glory to God when I do anything over and above what most doctors expect of me. 

Perhaps doing more isn’t equal to becoming a better person or even a Godlier person. Instead of doing more, I must be grateful for what I can do and what and who I have. We reject grace when we lose our gratitude, therefore I must be grateful so that I won’t be disgraced! 

Many have questioned whether I have enough faith to be healed, but sometimes not being healed takes more faith than receiving a miracle; sometimes YOU are the miracle. The most faith-strenuous exercise I can imagine is choosing to worship and love a God who has not chosen to answer my prayers to my satisfaction. But when I add gratitude to that equation, the strain doesn’t vanish, but my fear decreases and my heart is strengthened. 

My heart needed strengthening when we moved to China in February 2010. Jim had was forced to work on our second day in Shanghai and I was left alone in a frigid Chinese complex with an 18-month-old baby, no internet, no phone, no cable, no friends, and only four Mandarin words in my vocabulary. I learned from a dear friend in Humboldt County to write gratitude pages when I struggle with despair. It is those gratitude pages that helped me focus on the beauty of our situation and embrace a gratifying season of our lives. By having gratitude for the grace of God I did not despair. 

Yesterday, I fell into despair and for a time rejected grace. Today, I pulled out my gratitude journal and began filling the page with wonderful blessings. 

Below is my first page of my 30-days of gratitude. My handwriting is shaky from albuterol and steroids, so I will type it out if you wish to read on. 

If you struggle with depression, anxiety, fear, or a broken heart, please open your Bible, pray for guidance, and fill a page every morning with your blessings.

This will change your life! 

Gratitude: January 10. 2017 

1.  Albuterol, so I may breathe 
2.  Hot tea 
3.  My dear husband who took the day off from work to help 
4.  This gorgeous pen from Shannon 
5.  Dinner provided by Vanessa 
6.  Julie, who took Gisselle to and from school today 
7.  Astrid, who picked up both of my children yesterday 
8.  Sam, who went to Costco for me 
9.  My Seester, who is sending me new vitamins 
10. Prayer from my friends and family 
11. Lynn, who always responds to texts, night or day and in any country 
12. My students who are so understanding as I take a week off from teaching 
13. Christine, who did library for me 
14. Mara, who inspired me to write a gratitude list when I fall into despair 
15. Mango, yumm! 
16. So much time to read and write this week 
17. The gift of another day 
18. My Lord & Savior who is my healer 
19. Giselle, who wanted to be sure I ate breakfast. 
20. Jameson, who always has a “brilliant idea” 
21. Anti-biotics that are helping me heal 
22. Time to read with my children for longer than usual 
23. A beautiful house in a free country 
24. My parents, who were able to visit us 
25. The sun as it casts glorious shadows and a rainbow of colors before the rain. 

Phillipians  4:6 
Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving let your requests be known to God: and the peace of God which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. 
I pray that you let gratitude guard your heart, through Christ Jesus! 

When your back looks like a pretzel, things don't work as they should.

But, there is always a reason to be grateful!

I'm loving my pink fingers on my less-than-proficient hands!

Fabulous Four 

Our family of four is spending our fourth Christmas in Orange County! When you’ve moved 15 times in your life, four Christmases in one location is cause for celebration! 

Here are four reasons we are celebrating this year:

1. Jameson is in 3rd grade at our Mandarin Immersion School and he loves having both an English teacher and a Chinese teacher for the first time ever.  Basketball, baseball, soccer, art, piano, and building are Jameson’s favorite things to do. 

Also, Jameson played “Ed” in the school production of "Lion King", and “Knight One” in a summer production of "Shrek, the Musical". Our 8-year-old boy loves sharks, Legos, cracking jokes, and dreams of having a real pipe-organ in his room someday. We adore this young man! 

2. Giselle is in Kindergarten at the same Mandarin Immersion School as her big brother. Gymnastics, ballet, singing, playing soccer, telling stories, and playing the piano are a few of Giselle’s favorite things to do. 

Just a few weekends ago, Giselle performed in her third Nutcracker and was cast as a mini-mouse and an angel. Giselle, like her brother, performs in my studio recitals and made her debut both singing and playing the piano this year. Our 5-year-old loves dolphins, Legos, drawing, writing her own music, making up her own jokes, and one day dreams of riding a dolphin. We love our lovely young lady.

3. Jim accepted a position as the Associate Vice President of PreScience Corporation in Santa Ana. This year, Jim has worked on a BART project, multiple bridges in Orange County, and did IT and marketing for PreScience in Santa Ana. Because of Jim's many accomplishments, he received an Outstanding Engineering Merit Award from the Orange County Engineering Council in February.

Last month Jim finally acquired a new jazz guitar and has been adding some jazzy vibes to our children’s Album.

4.  I now have 25 students at the Devey Music Studio.  It is such a gift to do what I love, which is to inspire musicians of all ages and abilities. 
In May, I had the opportunity to be the musical director for the Lion King at our beloved school. It was a joy to lead the entire cast and to include my children in the production.  

The Lullaworld children’s world album is still under construction and I have begun sharing some of our creations. So far I have songs in Mandarin, Spanish, Hebrew, German, Portuguese, French, and English. I am still searching for a Japanese and Korean song to be added to the collection. Please comment below with any recommendations you may have. I love your input! 

May your days and years be merry and bright! 
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight! 

Love, Jameson, Jim, Giselle, & Lori

My fabulous friend and photographer from Reflections By Stephanie took our family photos this year. 
Visit her facebook page here, and her website here.  

7 Steps to proper singing for children 

Frequently, I am asked when children should begin voice lessons. Most voice teachers will not teach a child until they are at least 12 years old. I do teach younger students, but I do not work on true vocal technique as their voices are still developing. Instead, I teach the student solfege, how to read music, and musicianship. 

Outside of vocal lessons, I encourage young singers to join a choir, take piano lessons, and learn how to sight-sing using solfege. Then, I use these seven steps to proper singing in children. If you have a basic knowledge of music, you can help your child improve their singing at home.


1. Stretch before you sing 
You can’t sing your best if your body is tense like a rubber band. 
*Lean over to touch your toes then slowly come back up to a standing position and shake everything out to release tension. 

2. Use good posture 
Singing well is impossible if you are slouched over like a couch potato. 
*Stand up straight with your feet hip-width apart; be careful not to lock your knees or you may pass out. Pretend someone is pulling a string from the top of your head, like a marionette, to feel taller. 

3. Practice low breathing 
Let your abdomen drop forward as you take a breath. Don’t breathe with your shoulders; that’s not where your lungs are. 
*Place one hand on your lower abdomen, one hand at the side of your lungs, and breathe. You should feel your lungs expand and your abdomen drop forward like there is a giant balloon in your tummy. 

4. Warm up 
Stretch your vocal chords like you would stretch before playing sports or dancing so you do not injure yourself. 
*Make a siren sound from high to low. Next, sing the solfege scale, “do re me fa sol la ti do” to stretch your range. Finally, sing an easy song such as “Jingle Bells” or “Do a Deer” to finish warming up. 

5. Sing without straining 
Sing naturally, as if you are speaking, it should not feel like you are yelling. 
*If you feel tense, try swallowing and checking your posture. Louder does not equal better singing! 

6. Stay healthy 
Since your body is your instrument, you must keep your body healthy and strong. 
*Exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet, and stay hydrated. If you are sick, sing carefully or stop singing and speaking altogether. 

7. Sing every day 
Practice makes permanent, so what you sing and how frequently you sing it determines how much you will improve. 
*Try putting on talent shows at home and practice performing for family and friends.


My little musicians love to sing! I don't give them formal voice lessons, but we use these principals when they practice for a recital or school performance. Remember, children cannot learn to sing from a recorded voice. It is only possible for a child to learn how to match pitches from another human being. No matter how insecure you may be about your voice, please sing with your child!

5 Reasons We’re Grateful for 2015 

1. We bought our townhouse! 
You can finally write our address in pen instead of pencil, we think. After moving 8 times since relocating to California in 2000, we were able to purchase our townhouse that we had rented in Orange County for two previous years. That means not only did we buy, but we didn't have to move again. Hallelujah! 

2. Jim is starting a new job. 
Besides being an awesome dad, coach, music-producer, and home-improvement master, he will be an Associate Vice President for Prescience in Santa Ana and is excited about his new projects and a shorter commute. 


3. Jameson is rocking 2nd grade at Mandarin Immersion School. 
When Jameson is not at school, he enjoys soccer, Kung Fu, swimming, piano, and rehearsing for the school production of The Lion King. Building, climbing, playing the piano, and telling jokes are a few of Jameson’s favorite things. When Jameson grows up he wants to be an engineer and a pianist. 


4. Giselle loves her Mandarin Immersion Preschool. 
She comes home singing and speaking in Mandarin more than ever. On non-school days I get to enjoy plenty of one-on-one time with Giselle as we have play-dates, visit museums, and homeschool English. Giselle loves learning singing, dancing, studying ballet, playing the piano, and drawing. Once again, Giselle performed in The Orange County Ballet Theater  production of Nutcracker and loved playing a delicious Bon Bon. Giselle says she wants to be a doctor and a ballerina when she grows up. 

5. I am teaching again. 
Reopening the Devey Music Studio to vocal and piano students was such a treat this year. I love that our house has a steady flow of musicians coming and going and that our lives are filled with music.  I am making progress on my children’s world album called “Lullaworld.” So far I have songs in Spanish, Mandarin, Portuguese, and Hebrew.  If you have any foreign language children’s songs that you would like to recommend, I am delighted to hear your suggestions.

My fabulous friend and photographer from Reflections By Stephanie took our family photos this year.
Visit her facebook page here, and her website here.  



8 Ways to Get Your Kid to Practice 

And make them think it's their idea.

1. Play more, practice less

Albert Einstein said "I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” There is a difference between skill and talent. Musical skills can be obtained by nearly everyone. Deaf, blind, mute, and physically disabled people can develop astounding musical skills. Music is who we are. We are kept alive by a beating drum, therefore we are drawn to learn music like an infant kicking its legs before he can walk. Musical talent is the combination of skill and God-given giftedness. The great news is that skill can trump giftedness to a point, if you work hard enough.

How do get your kid to work hard and practice? You must instill a playful curiosity and passion for music that drives them to experiment, discover, and create their own art. Early learning is rooted in play so if you allow your child to play with music, it will feel like a creative process instead of a chore. So, let them play freely. Let them play badly. Let them make mistakes. Allow them space to develop their own style of music. I promise you won’t need ear plugs for long.

2.  Pick up an instrument
Did you play clarinet or trumpet in high school? Dust that thing off, or find a used instrument on craigslist. Have you always wanted to play guitar, but never found the time? Make time now. Watch YouTube videos, buy instructional books, or hire an instructor so that you can learn to read and play music along with your child.

Learning to be musically literate and playing an instrument is difficult; it takes humility to fail over and over again. Show your child that you are not above failure. Model tenacity, perseverance, and artistry and your child will follow in your footsteps. Your child may need to borrow your earplugs, but they will love laughing at your squeaky reeds and blasting horns. Teach them to laugh at their mistakes then learn from them.
3. Play together
Now that you are hopefully playing an instrument, no matter how poorly, try playing with your child. It might be hilariously off, but it will be fun. Play along with your favorite playlists together. If needed, warn your neighbors and arm them with earplugs or invite them over to play along.

Playing music together was once a daily occurrence in the average home. Many families also attended churches where hymnals were read and corporate singing was a weekly tradition. Since the dawn of the phonograph, television, and the internet, the act of playing music together has decreased significantly. We often want our music to be perfectly orchestrated, mixed, sung, played, and delivered directly to our ears at the touch of a button. As a result, music can seem like a commodity to be consumed, not an art to be created. We associate playing music with pressing a triangle.

Thanks to that little triangle we have access to a limitless amount of music. Expose your child to a larger variety of music and listen to something new every day. Don’t make fun of your child’s musical preferences, but introducing them to a musician who was born in the previous century would be a good start. Talk about musicians, not just the music. Do research. Where was the musician born? When did they begin playing music? What sort of obstacles did that musician encounter on his and her journey? Why do you like this musician and how does their music speak to you? Be sure to introduce your children to various genres of music, and tell your child who your favorite jazz musician, classical composer, or Broadway singer is. If you do not have a favorite, find one.
4.  Play to master, not to conquer and cast  
Just learning the notes is not enough. Avoid the mentality of conquering a piece just to cast it aside. Classical and pop musicians often spend years, even decades, perfecting their pieces.  Find a specific song by your child’s favorite artist. Are there multiple recordings of the same song or piece? If so, how does that artist progress in their performance of that song? You may notice that the earlier performances are technically correct, but lack the depth of emotion that exists in the latter performances. This will demonstrate how the artist did not just learn the song, sing the song, and move on.

Your child should be building a repertoire not a graveyard of music books, so allow your scholar to take time to master his and her pieces. If your musician is growing tired and hitting road-blocks on a particular piece, ask your child’s teacher if they may take a break and revisit that piece later.  I love reviewing older repertoire with my students as it gives them a chance to see their progress.

5. Practice positively
Never use music as a punishment. Yelling “go practice the violin” at your child when they are in trouble will not instill any sense of joy let alone artistry in their playing. Encourage your child to use a timer to reach their practice goal, but make sure you don’t hover while they practice. Yelling out “Oooops” at every mistake does not a mentor make. Since I am both my son’s teacher and mother, I avoid listening too closely while he practices. When he is having trouble, I ask if he wants help. If you are literate in one instrument, you should be able to help your child at a basic level with reading notation. If you feel you cannot do this, ask your child’s teacher for resources to help you become musically literate, or buy a book here.

You are your child’s biggest advocate, which means you should be an encourager not an adjudicator. Music should be fun. Tell your child how much you enjoy hearing them play and leave the critiquing to your child’s teacher.  If you must say something negative, be constructive. Use your child’s teacher’s own words, such as “Miss Lori says to keep your eyes on your music.” It’s better for your child to progress slowly than to quit and lose everything he or she has learned.
6. Play creatively
I have never met a non-creative child; they do not exist. Some children are taught to ignore their creativity as they age and turn into self-labeled non-creatives. If you want your child to love music and therefore practice without complaint, they must learn to create their own music. We rarely give a child a piece of art and ask that child to replicate that art exactly, yet that is often the only way young musicians are taught. It is important for your child to be musically literate but make sure your child is not just a “paint-by-number” musician.

Challenge your musician to write their own endings to their assigned songs. Show your child a beautiful picture and ask them to write a melody that reflects that image. Is your child having a hard day? Ask them to channel that energy into their own song. Teach your child about musical themes. Who isn’t familiar with “The Imperial March” from Star Wars or Lois Lane’s theme from Superman? Encourage your composer to write their own themes for Pikachu, Minecraft, Minions, or even Elsa, she needs a new theme. This creative ownership will fuel your child’s passion for playing music.
7. Play frequently
I started teaching again last February and my son began taking formal lessons with me as well. Jameson was petrified of performing and begged me to never make him do it.  We had two keyboards in the studio, but no acoustic piano. Once we purchased our upright piano, we could not get our children away from it. Jameson plays at 5-10 minute increments throughout the day. He sounds out music that he loves, or songs that he is learning from school. He plays new songs and old song; he plays without being asked. Since he plays so frequently, he discovered that his muscle memory takes over and that helps him play without nerves. Jameson played for my studio recital in June and said it was the best part of the summer.

Unfortunately, I did not give Jameson any other performance opportunities during the summer months so when we visited family he was too self-conscious again to play for our extended family.  I encouraged him to give mini-recitals at home where he practiced being put on the spot and enjoyed the ensuing applause. Now, he plays for anyone. He plays for his friends, he puts on mini-talent-shows with my four-year-old daughter, he plays for grandma and grandpa via facetime, and he can hardly wait for the next recital in January.

Not every child will want to play music 20 times per day, but the goal is that they play more often. Learning an instrument is all about repetition and muscle-memory which is not only developed by the duration of play but the how often one plays.
8. Remember the why
Why did your child begin studying music? Was this your choice or his and hers? What is your motivation behind these lessons?
The why for me and my children is that art is restorative.  To recreate is to re-create. In order for people to be healthy and happy they must find meaning, purpose, and love in life. All three of those goals are developed within art and music. I want my children to be individuals who unleash their creative powers to change the world by changing their world first. Playing music encourages children to be sensitive and empathetic to the world around them. When I remember the why I can let go of the forgotten quarter-rest or un-curved fingers, then I may encourage my children to play with music, not just practice it.
What is your goal for your child as a musician/artist?
What would you add to this list?
What would you take away?


Sometimes, Jameson plays backwards

Other times, bunny plays

They play before leaving the house,
upon returning to the house,
before breakfast, after dinner,
and often fight over who gets to play first.
I love the constant cacophony.



Love is: 

1. Snuggling and sharing your valentine candy with your sister, even though you don't always get along

2.   not about me.
3.   a choice.
4.   working for something or someone outside of yourself.
5.   getting out of a bed flooded in daylight after hearing every ray of a moonlit cry from your feverishly ill children.
6.   crossing the sea to follow your love.
7.   leaving for work at 4 AM, driving for 3 1/2 hours, then working for 8 hours, driving for another 3 1/2 hours only to end the day washing dishes.
8.   a hatbox filled with hershey's kisses fitted with hand-written love-note flags.
9.   Saint Valentine, who married lovers who wished to be united against Roman law in spite of the risk of losing his head. 
10. a handmade construction-paper valentine.
11. answering a call from someone who needs your encouragement almost as much as you need to give it.
12. making a way for friends to have a much-needed date-night and even hiring the sitter.
13. forgiveness; even without an apology.
14. watching these two grow... they remind me that love never fails

... to take your breath away

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.  Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Love never fails.

1 Corinthians 3:4-8A

What is love to you?


Poetic Musings
& Lyrics by Lori


I have dreamed of none apart fromYou.
I have loved no other one but You

Sell me nothing, tell me something real,
Hope in one thing, no one can appeal,

I have dreamed of none apart fromYou.
I have loved no other one but You

What defines you, who has made you real
How much has somebody paid for you?

Say good night,
And say a prayer,
And sing a quiet love song to You

L ~ © 5/8/09


Life is simple, sweet and soporific.
Nights are long, lucid and languid.
Days are hopeful, humble and humorous.

Weeks creap by.
Months sneak on.
Years... since we began to imagine you.

Smiles, giggles, coos spur you on.
Love is lucious
Worth dying for.
Worth living forever more.
L ~ © 9/2/08

“Aria Here”

Last night I lived a dream
A day in your life.
You played the moonbeam,
I lived in your light.
But, you needed one thing-
The melody of my motherly love.

So I will be the aria here,
I'll never let you go, 
Or let you know my fear.
Then you will sing the aria dear.
Then you will let me know, 
To tell me that you're here.
I want you dear.
I want you here. 

L ~ © 1/1/08


How may I find a reason, 
To bring another life
Into a world of treason 
And never-ending strife? 

But in this co-creation 
I dare to say we’ll find
Ethereal elation, 
Delighting in a child.

I’ve opened the windows
Closed every door
Inside of reason
There is no one I want more
You’re my desire.

If happiness became me 
And hope was in the soul
Of scientific alchemy, 
Surprised by man-made joy.
But beauty is not rational, 
Though darkness holds the reigns
Of sentimental fossils 
Who hold the earth’s terrain.

I’ve opened the windows
Closed every door
Inside of reason 
There is no one I want more
You’re my desire.

So breathe another breath of life, 
Perhaps it is my choice.
Now I give it back to you, 
The dream of my own voice.

I’ve opened the windows
Closed every door
Inside of reason 
There is no one I want more 
You’re my desire. 

L ~ © 9/29/07


Why don’t you take the time 
To see what’s yours and mine?
The quest for the implausible.
Then settle down inside 
That fragile flower you’ve learned to hide

Say you will remain there.
Say you won’t forget me.
After all you’ve been through
The stars will realign as they glide.
They glide into the light.

Why don’t you choose to run 
With madness through the sun?
To laugh at the impossible.
Then let the answers go 
When questions that you know arise.

Say you will remain there.
Say you won’t regret me.
After all you’ve been through
The stars will realign as they glide.
They glide into the light. 

L ~ © 9/21/07


My favorite color should be green.
Through frosty winter obstacles
It brings the verdure 
Back into the trees.
As though it never leaves.

What are the colors of the sea?
With ever-changing blue and gray
Reluctantly submitting 
Back to green.
As though it never leaves.

But black and white 
With shades of red You see.
Though black and white
With shades of gray may be
The red You shed 
Was meant to cover all of me.
You will never leave.

What are the colors of the earth?
It’s terra-cotta iron dust
That peaks until the mountains 
Thrust to thee.
As though it never leaves.

But how may I extract Your likeness
Without using dark and brightness?
Chiaroscuro is lost, 
Though You will never leave. 

L ~ © 7/22/07


Lately I’ve been looking for
Something less and nothing more.
Now I see that, 
Now I know I’ve 
Changed, changed, changed.

It started with a mustard seed,
Then I think I forgot to feed it. 
Now I see that,
Now I know I’ve
Changed, changed, changed.

So I plead with tomatoes 
And the flowered plants
“I’ve given you water, 
Won’t you give me a chance?
‘Cause I’ve changed, changed.”

And I look in the mirror, 
But I cannot see.
The child that’s inside 
Looking back at me
‘Cause I’ve changed, changed.

I’ve changed, 
I’ve changed, 
I’ve changed.

Lately I’ve been looking back.
Bending time like a railroad track. 
Now I see that,
Now I know I’ve
Changed, changed, changed. 

It started with a photograph
The ugly duckling can finally laugh. 
Now I see that,
Now I know I’ve
Changed, changed, changed. 

So I look in the mirror, 
But I cannot see.
The child that’s inside 
Looking back at me
‘Cause I’ve changed, changed. 

And I plead with tomatoes 
And the flowered plants
“I’ve given you water, 
Won’t you give me a chance?
‘Cause I’ve changed, changed.”

I’ve changed, 
I’ve changed, 
I’ve changed. 

Lately I’ve been looking for
Something less and nothing more.

L ~ © 6/29/07

"Solace by the Sea" 

I’m astounded,
And astonished
To be surrounded
By the Solace of the Sea

With the infinite horizon,
So redolent of brine.
And the emerald illusions,
In phosphorescent time.

The hush is roaring,
Crashing into peace.
The scent alluring,
Remaining out of reach.

I will go,
Then I will stay
The current summons me away.
Cacophony will fade indeed,
When there’s Solace by the Sea 

L ~ © 6/27/07

"Be Long"

“Take my life now”
How often I have said this to you 
In the press of time.
“Take my will now”
I’m lost until your Kingdom 
Finally will come, 
And it will become

All you’ve said
All that you have promised us
So shaken by the Earth, 
That I must

Keep waiting, keep loving, 
Keep standing, 
Wait for your return. 
You won’t be long.
Keep hearing, keep burning, 
Keep watching, 
Wait for you and learn. 
You won’t be long.

Send your sorrows
To journey, ‘till they travel 
To the end from left and right
Send your blessings
To meet you in that place prepared 
Beyond the reach of time.

All you’ve said
All that you have promised us
The season is at dusk so I must.

Keep waiting, keep loving,
Keep standing,
Wait for your return.
You won’t be long.
Keep hearing, keep burning,
Keep watching,
Wait for you and learn.
You won’t be long. 

Though I don’t belong.
You won’t be long. 
You won’t be Long!

L ~ © 5/15/07

“Where The Wind Blows”

Don’t take your dreams too far
Don’t take your life so seriously
It has led you well so far.

Do take the quiet road
Let it bend your path 
So mysteriously
In the depth of who you are.

Who you are?
When you’re aiming way to far
Beyond the scope 
And beauty of your earthly star, 
Your perspective will be there
If you will learn to dance the air.

It will take you where the wind blows.
Oh, the wind blows.
Let it tell you where the wind blows.
Oh the wind blows.

Don’t take your love too far
Don’t push your heart so furiously
It’s the wellspring of your life.

Do take a risk or two
Let is shape your heart, 
Put your fear at ease
Lose control to win the war 

Win the war?
When you’re aiming way to far
Beyond the scope
And beauty of your earthly star,
Your perspective will be there
If you will learn to dance the air.

Throw your caution 
Where the wind blows
Oh the wind blows.
Let it lead you where the wind blows.

L ~ © 1/31/07

“Refiner’s Touch”

was rough, 

smooth and pliable. 

Broken :  
doors & barriers of bronze, 

subtle in their placement

through the iron bars 

soon become compliant.

in a buried chest 

darkness seems to own. 

live and are revealed 

hearts that have been torn.

I have seen this very thing
A miracle to behold.
Experience can always tell
What words can never own.

He calls us here, 
By name, 
Each one.
Hear Him if you may.
Rejection isn’t shame to Him,
But a portal to His reign.

L ~ © 1/29/07
Isaiah 45:2-3


I followed September
On a horse drawn carriage 
Through a quiet town
‘Till I wondered
Why your shiny white armor 
Seemed to luster down.
Then I found a little tenderness 
In the gentle drops of pain
To recognize our differences 
Regardless of the claim.

And I stay, 
Then you stay,
Though I storm, 
You stay.
Then I stir, 
‘Till I steep,
Then I cry 
‘Till I weep.
And you stay 
To breathe the flame.

I followed the lumber
Through a willow winding pass 
On a switch back lane
I would ponder how my glowing bride 
Would never be the same.
Then I found a little gentleness 
In the steady drops of pain
To reconcile our differences 
Regardless of the claim.

And I stay, 
Then you stay,
Though I storm, 
You stay.
Then I stir, 
‘Till I steep,
Then I cry 
‘Till I weep.
And you stay 
To breathe the flame.

Sufficiency is enough for me 
As the snowy blanket falls
And the grace that dares to cover me, 
Destroys my wherewithal.

And I stay, 
Then you stay,
Though I storm, 
You stay
Then I stir, 
‘Till I steep, 
Then I cry 
‘Till I weep
And you stay 
To be the flame. 

L ~  © 12/15/2006


I’m not afraid
I’m not alone
You won’t find me wading 
In that ebb and flow
Of the tide that’s coming round
I will surmise
I will endure, 
If thy will will leave 
Me waiting by the phone
Or waiting by your side.

I’m broken, 
But not shattered
I’m crying, 
Through my laughter
I have waited far to long to
Pass the higher road 
That takes me

Closer to the Father, 
Closer to the spirit 
And the Holy One
Closer to the Father, 

I am loving, 
I am leaning, 
I am learning to be closer,
I wanna be closer, 
Make me closer, 
I wanna be closer, 


I’m not enraged
I’m not alarmed
Though my days 
Are rushing past 
my own control
Through the sand 
we know as time.
I recognize
I sympathize, 
With those who serve 
The relentless hourglass
With a chronograph as God. 

I’m broken,
But not shattered
I’m crying,
Through my laughter
I have waited far to long to
Pass the higher road
That takes me

Closer to the Father,
Closer to the spirit
And the Holy One
Closer to the Father,

I am loving,
I am leaning,
I am learning to be closer,
I wanna be closer,
Make me closer,
I wanna be closer,


L ~ © 12/8/06

"Time Telling"

Broken, of pieces in a telling dream

Of time, missing beats of consistent Metronomes.

telling the days of your,

Telling old tales of previous followers

records reiterate successful discipleship

Records reap a harvest of new souls who

miracles in the most forsaken land.

Miracles bring new life to endless strife, that

hope to all who near, The

Hope endures through the thick and thin of fanning, a spark

the warmth of a sure-footed mission, of

The savior, whose custom fit plan measures not what the 

gives each faithful child, but to

Give safety for danger & Joy for Fear.  As

permits freedom in the services of He who 

Permits joy, lacking no good thing.  Therefore,

invites a welcome guest this Christmastide.  Christ

Invites Merry peace into each heart and mind.

Merry Christmatide

L ~ 12/8/06

“Need You, So”

I woke up this morning to dream my life
But, I could not get out of bed.
I waited for your autumn sunrise.
But I could not get out of my head.
No, I could not get out of my head.

I have already forgotten words 
that seemed so painful then.
My memory is put on hold, 
and the records have been lost and sold. 
Now I need you so

But it is harder by the minute to stand alone.
And the longer I am in it, the more I know.
That I need you, I need you so. 
Yes I need you, I need you so.

My days of casting stones are gone
Along with writing in the sand.
They’ve been replaced by this introspection
On what should change in my own to hands.
On what should change in my own to hands.

I have already forgotten words 
that seemed so painful then.
My memory is put on hold, 
and the records have been lost and sold. 
Now I need you so

But it is harder by the minute to stand alone.
And the longer I am in it, the more I know.
That I need you, I need you so. 
Yes I need you, I need you so.

No More selfish little prayers for health, 
success and the rest.
Just loving, through my restless tears, 
abounding in love and patience.
But, I can’t do it alone 
so I can’t prove it on my own. 
Now I need you so.

But it is harder by the minute to stand alone.
And the longer I am in it, the more I know.
That I need you, I need you so. 
Yes I need you, I need you so.

It’s harder by the minute to stand alone. 

L ~ © 10/11/06

“No Less”

I am no better than the rest. 
But I’m not afraid to share my pain.
I have known happiness, in jest. 
But you have taught me how to love the rain.
I’ve seen your grace put assunder 
All fear of life and death.
I’ve felt your love and your wonder 
And I will settle for no less.

I want to be with you, be with you.
I want nothing more or less.
I want to stay with you to honor you.
I will settle for no less.
I bless you, bless you Oh my Lord.
Bless you, bless you Oh lover of my soul.

I was forgiven of iniquity. 
Though I have fallen hard in darker days.
You were forsaken for my emnity. 
Now old things are past and gone away.
I’ve seen your grace put assunder 
All fear of life and death.
I’ve felt your love and your wonder 
and I will settle for no less.

I want to be with you, be with you.
I want nothing more or less.
I want to stay with you to honor you.
I will settle for no less. 
I bless you, bless you Oh my Lord.
Bless you, bless you Oh lover of my soul. 

L ~ © 9/1/06 

"Master Minded"

Master Minded prodigy dissipates
In early autumn snow.
If left without development
& tragedy to know.

Polishing the treacherous edge
Of talent vert
Requires equality & treachery
In all her genius heir.

Breaking down,
Strength must equal strength,
Plus one.
Then smooth it further through.
With laughter to lay it on
In the sun--with certain reflection.
In it's non-absorption.

This master-minded treachery
Surpasses ambiguity...
The master of the mind becomes
The servant of simplicity.

L ~ © 8/29/06

“Open Door”

Up until now, you had a lot of nothing.
You just can’t say how,
But you ran out of something.
And you call this your freedom, 
Your reason to live.
But, for more than a season, 
You’ve been longing to leave.

And the sign says “We’re Open” 
So you walk inside
And you grasp onto something 
That will keep you alive.
And you pray from the other side,
Looking back to the ocean 
That has kept you from this door.
And you ask yourself once more,
How long? 
How long? 
How long has this been open for?

Just passing through every other Sunday.
Paying my dues for a chance at Someday.
And you call this your freedom, 
Your reason to live.
But, for more than a season,
You’ve been longing to leave. 

And the sign says “We’re Open”
So you walk inside
And you grasp onto something
That will keep you alive.
And you pray from the other side,
Looking back to the ocean
That has kept you from this door.
And you ask yourself once more,
How long?
How long?
How long has this been open for? 

L ~ © 8/6/06

“Sleepless Smile”

Time is gauged but never captured
In the lacey fog of distance.
Shadows fade into the future 
Laughing at our vain resistance.

Every breath will to turn to vapor
Then ask the air to dance along.
Countless sighs enchant the whisper
With the harmonies of sacred song.

Hold him close,
Your perfect treasure.
Tiny toes,
Inspire the wonder.

The wonder of His love.
The mystery of time.
The beauty of the one.
Creator of the life.

The life that beams inside the eyes.
The eyes of a mother 
And her new-born child.
The author of the sleepless smile. 

L ~ © 6/3/06


Father of Lights,
Great physician
Author of Life,
King of Heaven.

We know that you are the only One
Father, Spirit and precious Son.

The Majesty of Heaven
Was molded by the potter’s hand.
My God is an artisan.
We’re the work of the Potter’s hand,
and our God is an artisan.

Pieces of me
Are echoes of you.
Shaped and refined,
Then glazed with the truth.

We know that you are the only One
Father, Spirit and precious Son.

The Majesty of Heaven
Was molded by the potter’s hand.
My God is an artisan.
We’re the work of the Potter’s hand,
and our God is an artisan.

L ~ © 6/1/06 

"Ever More"

Find rest, O my soul,
In the shelter of the most high King.
Find comfort, O my heart,
In the safety of your gentle wing.
Find peace, O my mind,
In the stillness of your quiet place.
Find joy, O my strength,
In the foundry of your loves refining fire.

Keep seeking
Ever more.
Keep knocking
On the prayerful door.
Ever hopeful,
Ever faithful,
Ever loving,
Ever joyful,
Ever More.

L ~ © 5/11/06 

"Beautiful to Me"

If I could bless you here,
With humble offerings of my tears.
Though I’m naked and I’m poor beyond belief,
I will wait on you my dear.

You’re beautiful to me.
Your face is all I see.
& Yet I stand in awe,
In the presence of my Matchless King.
You’re beautiful to me.

Now I look into your light.
I take a glimpse of what’s inside.
The heavens declare just a ray of how your luminary light,
Shows the beauty of your face.

I will wait on you.
I will wait for you.
I will wait on you.
I will wait for you, on you, for you are…

You’re beautiful to me.
Your face is all I see.
& Yet I stand in awe,
In the presence of my Matchless King.
You’re beautiful to me.

I love you endlessly…
Father you’re beautiful to me.
Endlessly, beautiful to me.

© 5/1/06 ~ L 

“Return to Life”

O little ocean, you say you were a pond.
A sweet lagoon where lovers write their song.
But then you grew, into a raging sea of animosity.

O Rio Grande, you say you were a stream
A careless brook where lovers laugh and dream.
But, then you grew into a rushing river of your velocity.

You’re longing for the day, when we will learn.
You’re waiting so that we’ll return to Life.

O noble fir, you say you were a seed.
A tiny sprout that children learned to feed.
But, then you grew into a mighty arbor or anonymity.

O regal rose, you say you were a bud.
Tomorrow’s hope to those who vow their love.
But then you grew into a climbing vine of thorny vanity.

Você longing para o dia, quando nós aprenderemos.
Você está esperando de modo que nós retornemos à vida.

L ~ © 4/31/06 

"Rented Days"

Every thought
Each faculty
All movement is borrowed time.
Every feeling
Each solution
All drops of passion--'twas never mine.

Asking for just two-pence more
Adding to your endless fortune.
Leased endeavors reach the shore
with plundered sails in motion.

Countless breaths &
Endless days
Striving to extol your praise.
Helpless dreams
Create the thieves
To whom we sell our rented days.

The thought was never mine.

L ~ © 4/27/06 

"Pillared Fantasy"

Dusty shelves explain the notion
In busy lives of artistry.
Cobwebbed corners stand in place of

Are we here yet?
Or are we there?
Too soon to tell the tale.
Softly I will slip inside
This garb of Man's success.
Quickly I will dash outside
to see my soul's duress.

Dusty books who cannot boast
of recent days perusal.
Cobwebbed tools contain the past
for which I aptly chose them.

Priorities are tossed about
Into a layered dish
Of candied nuts and glacé fruit,
whatever you should wish.

But, dusty shelves proclaim the motion
Of busy lives through artistry.
Though Cobwebbed corners stand in place of

L ~ © 4/24/06


I’m too tired, too cold to be left alone.
So this is love. Mmm
I’m too old and to afraid to be left without a song.
So this is time.

Lost in a dream inside my head.
Feeling lonely instead.
Suited for splendor, nothing less.
Beyond the whisper of a guess.

Somehow the shadow of who I can be.
Resounds in vapors that wash over me.
The highest of heights revealing your majesty.
‘Cause you’re faithful, So faithful.

It’s so far, so deep when you fall inside.
So this is hope. Mmm
Finding solace in the flaire, when the moon and stars colide.
So this is peace.

Not just a figment of reality
Nothing can separate your love from me.

I’ve been running for my life, for some time and a day.
Now, returning back again to magnify your grace.
I’m faithful, So faithful.
When I know I have nothing to loose, I lose myself in you.

L ~ © 3/28/06 

"Won Too"

One is far too few,
Won by true default.
Wonder will ensue
One-hit-blunders of the vault.

Too much to anticipate.
Too far left behind
To safely navigate
Two avenues unite.

Three is more than company
Trios don't subside
Three-dimension subterfuge,
Trinity holds the light.

For why should we calibrate
Fortresses of yore?
Forcibly eradicate,
Four beats in our folklore.

L ~ © 4/17/06


Fear of loss
Filters through
The crevasse of the floor.
The attic proves
To be your place to hide.
Farther still
Into a chest of hope.

It is here
You will find it,
Clutched in
Restless hands.
Ringing into
Water vapor,
Escaping grasps
Of time.

It is here,
Your hope.
My Savior's tear
With failure redefined.

L ~ © 3/22/06

"Desiderio Domini" 

I'm numb to thirst
numb to hunger
searching for Your signs
and wonders.

from life I navigate.
blind to what is said.
I long to sit and celebrate
in the Glory of my Lord.

Desiderio Domini
Desperate longing for my Maker.
Desiderio Domini
this too shall pass,
be over.

why feel discouragement
allowing truth to fall?
why so heavy laden?
His yoke is easy
His burden is small.

Desiderio Domini
Desperate weeping for my Savior.
Desiderio Domini
this too shall pass
be over.

L ~ © 2/13/06

"Above the Fall"

Take comfort in my strength,
Ignoring all temptation.
Take solace in my arms,
Your final destination.

The circumstantial evidence
Corraborates with mine.
To calibrate the innocense
In the purity of mind.

I am here beside you
Shedding tears along with you.
I offer you a better way
That's written in the call.
I give you strength with one request,
I ask that you will rise above the fall.

Rise up
Buttressed by the word of life,
The rejected cornerstone.
Stand tall,
Set apart as Holy unto the Lord.
I ask that you will rise above the fall.

L ~ © 2/9/06


Speak to me,
My heart is open,
My mouth is closed.
Is not a token for the road.

I need your word
to filter all the noise.
I need you.
I want your light
to echo
through the choice.
I want you.

I speak too much
But I say too little.
I ramble on
In my psychobabble.

Speak to me
Like wind,
Like fire.
Not my will
But yours be done.
Speak beyond
My own desire.
Take this cup
That is overun.

Speak to me.
I listen patiently. 

L ~ © 2/3/06


© 2020 Lori Renée, Orange County, CA. All Rights Reserved.