Have yourself a fuzzy little Christmas!


Hi there! 

It's me, Minuet, the Devey family dog. Or as I like to call myself, the Queen! 

Apparently my family is too busy working, studying, teaching, singing, and dancing to come write a little blog. But I don't mind helping when I can! Besides, I help the family with everything else around here. 

For instance, I helped them take beautiful family photos this year! Usually we have my moms friend, Miss Ulrika take photos, but Fall was extra busy this year. Didn't I do a great job making them smile? 

This is my big brother, Jameson! I help him a lot as well! For example, he is super busy with school, playing in two bands, including Saddleback College Wind ensemble, playing basketball, photographing super cars, studying for his drivers permit, and tooting his horn. So, when he comes home from school, I make sure to snuggle him and distract him so he doesn't get stressed. You can hear him tooting his horn at the Chapman University Honor Band last year here and playing basketball here. Can you believe Jameson is 15 years old? Don't worry about him driving though, he is more knowledgeable about cars than any other bi-ped I know! 

Here is my big sister, Giselle! I am super helpful with my sister as well. She is crazy busy with home school, ballet, ballet, ballet, ballet, piano, art, ballet, and finally ballet! But that is just how she likes it! Giselle even composed, played, sang, and recorded one of her own original compositions for Youth America Grand Prix. You can see her contemporary piece with her original music here and her top-12 junior classical YAGP video here.  It's a good thing I am home all day to help sleep on Giselle whilst she does school, and make her smile by stealing her lambs wool and toe spacers! Can you believe Giselle is only 12? I am 14 in dog-years, so technically I am the big sis!!!

Miss Ulrika took this incredible photo of my sister! You can see more of Giselle's dance journey here.


Hold on…. I gotta go bark at the UPS driver…. 




Oh hey! I'm back and I saved our house from another vicious delivery person!


Let me tell you about my dad!


My dad is an engineer who helps people build bridges and now even bus-charging stations. You can read more about one of his projects here. When my dad isn't working, he likes to play his guitar, and take my brother to Cars and Coffee in San Clemente. Dad also produced an original song that my sister wrote and sang, you can hear that here. I offered to help howl on the song, but they said I could sing on the next track! 



I am also incredily helpful with my mom! She needs me to snuggle with her whilst she practices, which is a lot these days! This year she was a soloist with the St. Cross Choir and Orchestra production of Handel's Messiah. You can watch her howl here and here. Mom is also a regular soloist with Christ Church by the Sea, and the South County Community Handbell Choir. 

When mom isn't practicing, or performing, she continues to teach private music lessons from her home studio and at South Coast Conservatory, group piano at Red Apple Academy, and she is a vocal coach for the Aliso Niguel High School Theater Department.



Anyhoo, that's what's going on in our little pack! I hope your packs are enjoying the holidays and remembering how lucky we are to have each other! Take lots of time to snuggle with all of your family members whether they are young, or old, fuzzy, or feathery! 

My family wants me to tell you that you are loved! I need to remind them to slow down a bit, and to make time to remember the reason for the season. God loves us so much (yes, he even loves his fuzzy creations) that he sent His only son to the earth as a tiny baby!

Gods love isn't like my toys that lose their squeaks and fuzziness! His love will never leave or forsake us! Hebrews 13:5

Have yourself a fuzzy little Christmas!

Love, Minuet (Mini) Penny Devey



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