August?  I am so excited that we are nearly into August because I am visiting my family for a week at the end of the month.  My mom keeps reminding me of how many days I have left.  I'm so excited to see my family, hook up with some long-lost friends, and see how much McKinnon and Monet (my niece and nephew) have changed since I last saw them in April.

This weekend was a fabulous with the visit of our friends Jesse and Melissa who were traveling home from a wedding in so. cal to their home in Humboldt.  It has almost been a year since we left Humboldt, but it hardly seemed like any time passed.

Here we are on our day drip to the City....

Don't we look like we're posing for a Sear's catalogue?

I couldn't resist this fine young sailor man at the Golden Gate View point.

We had such a good time in spite of having to leave our guests home on a Saturday night to do a gig, but the show must go on.

Light is continuing to grow as a band.  We're hopefully going to complete our demo this month so that we can reach a larger audience for Christ.  Keep checking the calendar in the next couple of months for our latest events!

As I'm gazing out my window to rest my eyes from my flatscreen computer, I'm struck by the unpredictable wind that is caressing the branches of the trees around me.  In spite of the strength of these trees, they are no match for the unseen power of the winds... The winds of change, reformation and purification.

I think I will open my window and let them in.

God bless,

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