Eating for one and a peanut!

I've been ignoring you!  Whoever actually reads my blogs, I have not spoken to you in well over a month. Hopefully you are not mad at me, but life has been full of a few surprises that I am finally ready to share.

Two days before our big to do in Union Square I was feeling a bit nauseous and had lost five pounds for no apparent reason.  I was soon to find out the apparent reason was a five week old baby in my tummy!  Since this is my first pregnancy I was apprehensive to share the news with anyone because of miscarriage risks.  Now I'm almost out of that risky period and into the second trimester.

Baby Devey is due August 1st, 2008!  Woohoo!

So you can bet we're doing two things this year: finishing our ever-so-close-to-being-done-album and getting Air Conditioning!

Please pray for a healthy and happy baby to arrive just in time for whatever God has for his or her life!

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