In Retrospect

Back in September we had the pleasure of staying in our own home in Pleasant Hill with our Dog Lady. We spent the first few days just relaxing at home, taking Lady for walks, and trying to switch our hours around. On the second night, I was wide-awake at 3 AM and decided to finally take a pregnancy test and we were delighted to see that it was positive. Jim and I stayed up talking and planning ‘til 8 AM, then took a nap until noon. Perhaps switching hours around was not as important as we thought.

After traveling home, visiting Beijing, hosting family, finding an ob-gyn, having morning sickness, singing at the Global Leadership Summit in Puxi as well as singing at the Community Center Shanghai Gala our lives have been a bit of a blur. Jameson also modeled for a “Good Baby” photo shoot where he posed in various car seats.  Then we celebrated Thanksgiving twice and bought a Christmas tree in preparation for the next big holiday.

I could have (and probably should have) written 20 blogs to cover the photos on my SD card, but will try to condense the past three months in a few retrospective blogs.

While at home, Jim set up a recording system on a new laptop
so that I may begin recording a new album while we are here in China.
Jameson helped!

We celebrated Jim’s birthday with a day trip to Santa Cruz. The weather was gorgeous in spite of the 103-degree temperature. We felt quite comfortable since at the time it was 100 degrees with 100 percent humidity in Shanghai.

Jameson took a ride in Grandpa Kelley’s razor and his “race car” both of which Jameson still talks about.

A trip to the pumpkin patch was the perfect autumn Pacific Northwest outing!

I was so happy to see one of my dearest friends, Jilann,
and to meet her baby, Emily!

Emily is gorgeous just like her mother!

Jameson already has a crush

Jameson loved playing on a farm...

...and he especially loved playing with his Aunt Char
and his cousins McKinnon and Monet

Altogether, it was the perfect day for a hayride

Tune in next week for more photos of our trip home and our trip to Beijing…

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