Joy is Near

It's Christmas time!  My very favorite gigs of the year always happen around this time of year.  It's a time when it is easily accepted at a "secular gig" to tell the story of Christ's birth.  It's the time of year when the air is crisp, the days are short and the leaves are sparse, but the beauty and joy of the season are readily abundant.

This weekend "Open Door" had the opportunity to bless and be blessed by the Hyatt Residence Home in Palo Alto where our Bass Player (Andrew B.'s) father is currently living.  The smiles on the faces of the elderly suddenly resembled the smiles of young children, but the tears brought back the reality of life on earth.  It was such a joy to sing and play for them on Friday.  After rockin' out for an hour and a half, Andrew said it was the best Christmas present he will get all year.  What he didn't know is that it is also the best Christmas for me as well.

I could write for hours about this weekend because we were so blessed not only at our rehearsal Friday, our gig Saturday but also by leading worship at a start up church in Newark.  Wow, it is so cool to be a part of something that real in the Kingdom of God.  This church is reaching out to those in the highways and byways.  This is the kind of church that "Open Door" is called to reach.  We were so blessed by this growing church that I believe we were all deeply touched and burdened to pray for many of the people we met.

This is a lenghty blog, it has been so long since my last entry.... we are finally moved in.  Perhaps when I get a few more pictures I can post a few before and after photos.  God has been incredible in providing this beautiful house.  The inspiration to write, sing, teach and reach is here.

let your heart be light for joy is near!


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