Does anyone ever wonder what dimensions will exist if there is no darkness? Just think about it, the contrast in light vs. dark, course vs. smooth is valued highly in creating earthly beauty. So what will heaven be like without the shadows of texture? Will there be another dimension in which we no longer see angles and perspective of objects, but are capable of seeing the object as a whole all at once more like our savior is capable of doing in his omnipresence? Is this too deep?

Please shed some light on my shadowy questions and read the lyrics to the song "Leaves" to hear more of my impression on the subject.

Life is good, and pondering life is often sweet. God has blessed me with peace, all at once. I know someone must be praying for me because peace is not my strength. I'm good at energy, drive and fear, but peace eludes me so much of the time that I'm forced to paint to keep anxiety to a minimum. I say "forced" to paint because I'm certainly not Matisse (after recently viewing his exhibition at the S.F. MOMA I am quite convinced.) But, I do find peace in creation.

Where do you find peace?

I don't know if anyone really reads my blogs, but if you do, please respond. Grunt, laugh, moo, I don't really care, I just want to know what other people think about this concept of complete light and of peace.


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