O Pato

The site is coming along and I'm having fun re-visioneering my personal and professional information.

Did I mention that I love that I'm teaching again? I love learning from my students and being challenged to meet their needs. Also, God has provided me with such an awesome teaching space! I am so blessed.

The Loti project is still dragging its heals along with issue after issue. Tomorrow, I am sending a new master CD to diskfaktory to get pressed. God is really working on my patience here, but I know it will be worth it.

My seester and her family visited me for my birthday and we had a divine time. You can see a picture of my Niece, Monet under Lecons. Monet's favorite song is "Old McDonald" which she can sing continually without tiring. She is definitely ready for the practice room. My nephew, McKinnon's favorite song (at least the song he asks me to sing on the phone every time we talk) is "O Pato". He is a very distinguished young man for having such taste in Brazilian music! I didn't tell him that we ate duck at Dim Sum in the city.

Well that's all for now mes amis. Thanks for listening.


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