My friends Melissa and Lynn visited this  weekend and gave us the perfect  opportunity to act like tourists.  It's always fun to visit the city and pretend that you are on vacation.... 

We saw the Monet in Normandy exhibit at the Palace of the Legion of Honor and the Quilt exhibit at the De Young.  These two exhibits were both extraordinary, but mostly I was surprised by how amazing the quilt exhibition was.  If you get a chance check these two museums out!

Here is Lynn rockin' out at the Palace of the Legion of honor.

I'm not totally crazy, I was mimicking the statue on the mantel at the Palace of the Legion of Honor.  That's quite a mouthful!

We also took twohour cruise of the Bay... Very touristy and very fun 

Notice the smiles

Last week I lead my first original song with the band on guitar! Yes, I still have a long way to go, but I love playing this instrument... I feel so much closer to the audience and the band.

Busy is as busy does...

I have two rehearsals, a competition and a gig this week and I'm leaving for Oregon on Sunday, Yey!  

McKinnon (my 4-year-old nephew) called to invite me over for pancakes next week, so I'm very excited.  He said that I can have a rocket ship pancake if I want.  I agreed with him that rocketship pancakes are probably the best choice!

The busy life is fun, but family lifeis irresistable.  I'll share pictures when I return.


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